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It's been ten years since the music of Watcha Clan started moving to the rhythm of the waters of the Mediterranean. The ten year watershed has marked a new start for the band : Diaspora Hi-Fi, their new project. The party continues...

This fluid scene's distinctive electro sound powers the clan into new territory. Speeding forward through frenetic rhythms or rendering homage to their roots, the clan, a real family embodied in the voice of Sista K, never forget their destiny or their mission, their search for space and freedom. Above all, they are true nomads in the world of music.

Nomadic means independent, and it has always been crucial for this clan to make their own decisions, go forward at their own pace and set their own agenda. As they go out on the road again Sista K, Clem, Matt and Soupa Ju - who has moved his talents from the sunlight to the comparative obscurity of management to great effect - met the independent Berlin label PIRANHA Musik. By a happy calendar coincidence, this is PIRANHA's 20th year in business, and so this fusion of worlds and meeting of generations came at the perfect time. In a buzz of mutual esteem, the two parties decided to nurture the Diaspora Hi-Fi project together.