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Faith was the starting point.
Faith in rock’n’roll mythology, its fathers, saints and apostles…
A history still unfolding… Despite dematerialization, despite the information overflow and the speed of a world more and more oblivious of its own past.

Faith in albums as art forms; and the stubborn desire to keep on making records that tell something about their creators, and therefore, about their listeners and the world around them.
Intimate, yet powerful objects that stand as landmarks in our lives, that become part of ourselves, help us move on and stand upright or turn our moments of wild happiness into something even wilder and happier.
Records made to resonate with the lives of the people who listen to them.

Faith, of course, in the bands we have gathered here before throwing ourselves in such a hazardous adventure.
After some years of intense human and musical interaction, said bands have decided to make their relationship official by giving birth to this funny, obsolete and almost suicidal entity: a record label.

Faith, eventually, in him whose name we’ve adopted.
His passion, his career, his magic, stand as strong models and the greatest source of inspiration.
May Pacinist music inherit even just a tenth of his incredible talent.