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Nuits Métis

For a number of years now, Nuit Métis has carried out a diverse range of cultural projects in the music sector (management and production of artists, organization of cross-cultural exchanges, production of the ‘Festival Nuits Métis’, implementation of programs aimed at amateur artists and cultural diversity).

Management et Production
Nuits Métis has produced Ba Cissoko since 2000. We co-produced his first album entitled Sabolan, released in 2006 with Marabi and went on to produce his 3rd and 4th albums Seno (released with Cantos in 2008) and Namissa (released with Cristal Production in 2012).
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We are currently working on the pre-production of Ba Cissoko’s next album to be released late 2015.

Nuit Métis has produced the group NAIAS for the past four years. Following up on a demo CD (four tracks) produced in 2011, we produced the group’s first album ‘Le Douxième Chameau’ this year. It will be released in November 2014.
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Creation of Cross-Cultural Exchanges
On a yearly basis Nuits Métis enables artists from different cultural backgrounds to come together. Some of the artists have continued collaborating following the project.
For example:
2010: Joe Driscoll et Sékou Kouyaté États Unis/Guinée
2008 Temenik Electrik

Nuits Métis also produced a CD entitled ElectroDunes, made in 2005/2007. The album was distributed by Mosaic Distribution and on RFI’s (Radio France Internationale) website.

Cultural Projects at a Local Level
Based in Miramas for the past 6 years, the Nuits Métis association offers a number of artistic activities (workshops, concerts, gatherings, showcases, artist residencies...). They are organized for a variety of audiences, in collaboration with the city’s public social and cultural centers (youth and social centers, library, cinema, various schools...) and elsewhere in the ‘Ouest Provence’ authority in the cities of Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône and Fos-sur-mer.

At this time, Nuits Métis would like to establish itself sustainably and therefore has taken time to reflect on culture and its changing environment: globalization in fast motion, the European challenge and rising nationalistic and xenophobic sentiment. Our society is in a crisis that affects cultural activities and the survival of the organizations that make them possible. This is evident in the decline in the number of grants, decreased purchasing power, the transformation of local authorities, etc.

Our experience spans 20 years at the heart of culture, working with amateur artists (awareness, orientation, improvement) and in the professional sector (production, promotion, record label, creative projects) on both international and local levels. We have learned that culture can be an innovative tool for the harmonious and sustainable development of an area, whether it be from an economic or a social perspective. Nuits Métis would like to start the development of a ‘cultural innovations hub’, that would include all the cultural, social and economic actors as united local actors sharing the goal of inciting long-term change amidst the crisis.
Nuits Métis’ work is rooted in the history of the Mediterranean basin.
-Production of the Nuits Métis music festival in France (22nd annual festival scheduled for June 18 - 20 2015, Miramas) and of the ‘Les Nuits de La Saoura’ music festival in Béni Abbes, Algeria.
-Production of international projects (43 projects over 20 years)
-Production of artists(Ba Cissoko, Naïas, Kawa Guinguette)
-Album productions, distributed by CD1D
-Annual programs including artist workshops, cross-cultural exchanges, performances and experimental cultural projects in the Miramas and Ouest Provence local authorities.
-Support for local groups (artist residencies, master classes, showcases)
-Projects shared with local communities