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La Clique Production

Engagement, Synergy, Humanity, Trust…this words are the keys of our approach.

Created in 2004, La Clique Production is dedicated to development of artistic projects and artist management. Since 2010, our activities have opened up to all fields of an artist’s career management: events production, organization, booking, records production and publishing.
We are driven by the wish of remaining conscious of what is happening around us, in a world where the intermingling of people and influences should be a source of enrichment rather than division.
As travelling abroad is the way of learning about other people and knowing oneself better, we remain open to all types of projects following two main artistic orientations: world music and classical music.
In line with a humanistic dimension, our work is guided by the deep conviction that culture acts as a true path towards development and peace.
Conscious of the uniqueness of every project, we attach great significance to the artist placing him in the heart of the coaching process. The artist is truly a part of our team and is given freedom of choice at each stage of work. In spite of profit-oriented society and times of ephemeral trends, we have made the choice to work on the long term.
Our philosophy is to follow each career thanks to an important work with the artist beforehand, and by giving an international dimension.
Beyond the simple representation of a diverse range of artists, what we propose is therefore a view of the world.