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La Buissonne

Considering the experience the studio acquired for having worked during 22 years for several Record Labels, it seemed natural that the Studio would like to write its own path besides. Therefore, in 2003, was created the Label La Buissonne. Artists and musics, which are part of the projects, are all ‘in Tune’ with La Buissonne aesthetics and ethics. Sensitives and acoustics, close to melodic jazz, intense and somehow romantic, those musics happen to be quite hard to classify. The Label has no frontier and sometimes mingles world and classical music. Artistic choices at La Buissonne are based on emotions and resonance encounters between our musicians.

Music and graphics’ aesthetics of the label, tend to remain consistent to the values that guide La Buissonne throughout the years, such as label and artists’independance and passion. The label hopes to encourage a music imbued with pure emotions and humanity, far from any ‘basic’ commercial concept. Every album produced by our label got rewarded by specialised french and international press. La Buissonne chooses to produce few albums a year in order to be able to give its best for each. Until now, 7 albums have been released at La Buissonne.