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Chinese Man Records

The french Electro Hip Hop Label , Chinese Man Records, has been created in 525 BB (before Buddha) in Marseilles, but it's only in the early 21st century that the Chinese Man decided to send his disciples around the world to spread the zen spirit. Crew and band at the same time, Chinese Man Records includes music producers, DJs, graphic designers, videomakers and beatmakers totally devoted to the "chinese philosophy" !

In 2004, the first samples and basses clatter heavily from a mysterious chinese district in the south of France.

Initially dedicated to the production of vinyl records, Chinese Man Records produced more than ten limited edition of EPs and LPs in 5 years. These
productions reflected the multiple musical inspirations of the crew and opened the way for instrumental hip-hop crafted with slices of funk, pinches
of dub and a splash of traditional music ! In 2007, the track "I've got that tune" by Chinese Man (High Ku, Sly, Zé Mateo) is chosen by a famous
german car brand for their advertising campaign, giving the label a new and wide visibility.

Enjoying this wide and new visibility, the label Chinese Man Records release “The Groove Sessions Vol.1”, a first CD release that will be sold up to 10.000 copies in less than 6 month.

Today, Chinese Man Records manages and produces the work of 5 producers and beatmakers, 3 Djs and several videomakers from France and USA. In 2008, the independent label produced 3 maxi vinyls (Small City Music by Sly – Le Pudding by Leo Le Bug – Hong Kong Dragon Speaking by Chinese Man). In 2009, the label released “The Groove Sessions Vol.2”. Supported by the Vibrations magazine, the FNAC network and playlisted on Radio Nova, this CD quickly became a new critical, public and commercial success.

No timeout for the chinese crew ! In 2010, year of the tiger, the label prepares the release of a new EP by Leo Le Bug and LeYan, a remix by Chinese Man for Dub Pistols, a musical mating with Dub Youth from Indonesia, the return of High Ku, Sly and Zé Mateo on stage... and many more
surprises 100% Zen certified !