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Benjamin International Production

Since 2005, B.I.P. (Benjamin International Production) has produced and made tour numerous French & international artists from various musical backgrounds such as: Grupo Compay Segundo/ Foreigner/ Kid Creole & The Coconuts / The Dubliners / Daddy Mory / Bill Deraime / Naturally 7 / The Commitments /  The Wailers / Laura Mayne / The Pogues…

B.I.P. is also an artistic management structure for Oslo Swan, and provides advising solutions & services for Bastien Lucas...

B.I.P. also acts as booking advisor for various festivals and cultural events, such as: "Fête de la musique" in Avignon (Eiffel, Blankass, Silmarils, Dolly, Mademoiselle K, Pierpoljak, Pep's, Ange...)
 Some prestigious events such as Zucchero at le stade de France, Olivia Ruiz, Rapahël Saadiq & BB Brunes at the Lavandou Beach, Lionel Richie at the Genève Arena, Shaka Ponk, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Ange in Avignon or even The Pogues at the Olympia in Paris on 11th and 12th september 2012.

B.I.P. can also be responsible for : technical supply, general or logistical management, event conception, administrative hosting. (stage, sound and light spec, backline, technical staff, catering, security staff, roadies, general management)

B.I.P. also acts as a record company for Oslo Swan, Grupo Compay Segundo & Jeffrey Grice.

B.I.P. has now its own editorial branch under the brand (Oslo Swan - For The Best).

Finally, B.I.P. is a promoter with its head offices in Avignon, capable to offer several places and venues in Southeast France for your shows and promote them.