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3/6 Productions

3/6 Productions was born in 2011 at instigation of Pierre Lefeuvre. For 10 years, this lover of the music under all his forms accompanied various projects in emergence by creating the L.A.P. Various artists emerged then and it was necessary to produce them, this is the genesis of 3/6 Productions.
3/6 Productions, it is Jazz but above all the spirit of the Jazz, with the interbreeding which it leads and the opening in the other musics. It is a commitment to transmit emotional feelings.
3/6 Productions, it’s a linear functioning, where the team navigates in the same boat, on the same sea, by welcoming together storms or good weather.
3/6 Productions is the only Label of the Hautes-Alpes.
3/6 Productions makes a commitment with the artists to create a music opened on the world, speaking as well to our head as to our senses.
A dream-team of about ten persons leads this young company today. From the production to the broadcasting, from the communication to the edition, from the artistic direction to the administration, the distribution, the booking, all work at accompanying the artists in 360 °, in the development of their musical ambitions. 3/6 productions : the musical production from end, to end.