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Taiwan Mc

If the mainstream audience discovered him during the release of the single “Miss Chang”, Taiwan MC began his career in 2004 on the side of DJ Pitch -In (Dirtyphonics) , skimming the legendary drum & bass dances in the french capital , such as " I Love Jungle " or " Black Label” . After tours that will lead to China , he took part in 2006 in the project "Liquid Wicked" with producers Von D and Ben Masala .He also worked in studio and on stage with Tambour Battant or French Fries .
In 2009, he met the label “Chinese Man Records” and participates in the album " Racing With The Sun" as well as a tour of more than 120 dates in major French festivals, but also South America and Asia.
Will follow numerous collaborations alongside Tom Fire , Tumi , Youthstar and Deluxe with which he recorded the song "Superman" which sets permanently his reputation with the public and media.
The year 2013 will be the opportunity to discover the abilities of this non-standard MC!