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Cie Rassegna

The Cie Rassegna is many voices. With a powerful and pronounced quality, they layer over traditional instruments: flamenco guitar, Arabic violin and oud, Greek clarinet, Corsican cetera, Southern-Italian tambourine, Turkish saz, etc… In this ensemble, each artist plays with their own Mediterranean sensitivities, regardless of origin.
 The Cie Rassegna’s different members interpret songs selected amongst different musical Mediterranean traditions. Whether these songs are secular, sacred, art music, or folk, they are constantly revisited, arranged, and reinvented all the while preserving melodies, rhythms, and main stylistic elements. The songs’ lyrics are always preserved, often translated, keeping in mind the need for them to be shared, between musicians, but also with the public. Friendliness and sharing are dearest values to the Cie Rassegna, such as the Meridional festivities where anyone can sing, play an instrument, or dance to his heart’s content. 
The Cie Rassegna is a group creation : a place where different heritages from the Mediterranean can be shared, a time to listen to others, a possibility to dialog using music, with elegance and respect.