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Zé Boiadé EP


Zé Boiadé draw their language on French music, choro, samba and Northeastern Brazilian rhythms. Tiny bit Dadaist, they play with decomposing and deconstructing sounds and rhythms just as if music was a patchwork, thus making a unique kind of music and tearing down the barriers between erudite music and popular music.

The four skillful musicians can sing and play different instruments such as the seven-string guitar, the ten-string Northeastern viola, the trombone, the melodica, the cavaquinho, the mandolin, and a large range of percussions: pandeiro, congas, udu, triangle, kes kes…

By digging deep into traditions, Zé Boiadé freely tends towards a unique and characteristic creation, alternately danceable or contemplative, skipping the frevo and the caboclinho to suddenly plunge the audience into the heart of a song in French or Portuguese.

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