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Zaman Fabriq


First self-titled album ZAMAN Fabriq, this disc is a living reflection and is faithful to the unique atmosphere of the group, successfully developed in concert since 2009.
Zaman Fabriq (« Time Fabric »), puts together the Human Beatbox with musical influences from the Balkans, Egypt and the Orient. The Sufi chant from High-Egypt, the Turkish Saz and the Kaval flute, interlace their melodies with synthesizers, saturated guitar sounds, all underlined by the energy provided by the bass and the Human beat-box (vocal percussions). Zaman Fabriq creates unsuspected musical and human gateways. It does this by reminding us the surprising concomitance of different practices, ritual and secular on the one hand, electric and contemporary on the other, of one united Mediterranean.

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01 Güverçin05' 24"
02 Ya mal isham04' 51"
03 Makedonski tantsi03' 34"
04 Sunaï02' 38"
05 Rumenika08' 34"
06 Daldalan bari06' 31"
07 Al 'uzubiyya04' 08"
08 Graovsko06' 09"
09 Al gharib03' 48"
10 Shamal04' 53"
11 Zorino / Elmas02' 56"
12 Abou sina louli08' 21"
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