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V’la le caillon


Friends since birth and 20 years later they decided to go on a “vacation-tour” (The Creation of Tchav 'Project), and continued playing once they returned.

“La Tchav” in a french gypsy language means "go", and "to escape".

3 years after the album "Le P'tit, le costaud et l'ablette", it was necessary to have continuity to their festive music style of ska-sounding hip hop and lyrics mostly sung in French. From Irish sounds to salsa, you will find a little of all the musical inspirations in La Tchav’, but still a loyal base of music that makes you move. A true "Caillon" this album!

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01 Adam et Eve 2.003' 36"
02 Le pt’tit grégoire03' 20"
03 Bleue pervenche02' 27"
04 Métier de merde03' 16"
05 Lille-Nancy04' 07"
06 Le parfum des lilas02' 44"
07 Temple Bar02' 19"
08 Electron libre03' 05"
09 Vendetta03' 29"
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