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Une Vie De Plaisir Dans Un Monde Nouveau


« Une Vie de Plaisir Dans un Monde Nouveau » starts in the sweat and the tuning of the guitars. Dondolo runs after his own angst and his aversion to repetitions, only guided by his Fender Telecaster. More direct than its predecessor, this 2nd album doesn’t leave the synths on the rest area.
Pads and Sampler melt with Black Francis (Pixies) on Madnight summer dream or Tiger 74. Between these classic rythmics (guitare, keyboard, bass & drums), a part of a dream.
The Dondolo Paradox stays ultimate, from the beginning until the end : overlaying 2 layers of pink coatings on synthetic metal. If the production is more urban, more savage, une vie de plaisir dans un monde nouveau is still faithful to the first single, Dragon, released in 2006. It’s been two years and it’s already eternity.

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