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Tribuman & Jazzomatix


Tribuman & Jazzomatix have created a unique compilation of ragga singing and various styles that bring together some of the most enticing rhythms of jungle, jazz, hip- hop and funk music.

Their 12-track debut album is both danceable and challenging to the ear, with a carefully produced sound that boasts rich and colourful arrangements. The contribution of internationally acclaimed guests such as Jamalski, Lyricson, Merlot and DJ Nelson makes the album a fruitful collaboration to deliver a message of unity.

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01 Sur le fil06' 54"
02 Ruffneck feat. Jamalski05' 07"
03 Petit air de jazz04' 14"
04 Etre au top04' 42"
05 Crazy World feat. Lyricson06' 45"
06 Panique05' 11"
07 Reste Ruff04' 42"
08 On m'a dit07' 57"
09 Tout là haut feat. Merlot05' 26"
10 Jazzomatix08' 49"
11 Cité de Dieu03' 04"
12 To the music06' 54"
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