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Time is Honey


January 2010, Gaïo works on his first EP with the two sisters from Isaya for the chorus. June 2011, 2 new musicians join up the singer : Emmanuel Reymond (Poum Tchak) for the bass and Fabien Cartalade (Les Robertes, Raoul Petite, Négresses Vertes...) for drums and trombone. Between gigs and periods of big work, the 3 musicians are more and more friends and give birth to this new EP, witness of an incredible evolution. Always with a very folk way, the 5 new tracks on Time is Honey are flying to a fresh folk rock electro-tinged sounds.

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10.00€ Add to cart
01 Hello02' 58"
02 Flowers Grow03' 07"
03 Mother Sea03' 58"
04 The Train03' 08"
05 Mantra01' 05"
06 Bonus Video : I am a boy
6.00€ Add to cart
01 Hello02' 58"1.25€
02 Flowers Grow03' 07"1.25€
03 Mother Sea03' 58"1.25€
04 The Train03' 08"1.25€
05 Mantra01' 05"1.25€
06 Bonus Video : I am a boy
7.00€ Add to cart
01 Hello02' 58"1.45€
02 Flowers Grow03' 07"1.45€
03 Mother Sea03' 58"1.45€
04 The Train03' 08"1.45€
05 Mantra01' 05"1.45€
06 Bonus Video : I am a boy
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