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Tambor Y Canto


Directed by the pianist Simon Bolzinger, the Company Tambor y Canto is composed by artists from Cuba, Brazil, Argentina and Peru, and proposes a mix of the tradition of ancestrals drums and jazz. She presents a 13 tracks release, where the piano is hanging around between pandeiro and cajón, the quijada converses with the saxophone, the bombo drum plays danzón and chacarera is singing for the Orishas. An exceptional and original mixture prepared by old-hand specialists of latino-american rythms, embracing the diversity and the unity of the entire continent.

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01 Rumba para América05' 51"
02 Yemanja05' 47"
03 Montuno en Olinda – Eu quero ver Morena03' 45"
04 Palomita05' 58"
05 América Latina04' 37"
06 Yambu andino03' 37"
07 Zamba para Sylvie05' 19"
08 Primer asado02' 30"
09 Periquito panamericano04' 05"
10 Yambu marsellés07' 55"
11 Danzón para Oxúm05' 48"
12 Osain04' 11"
13 Recife estremeceu05' 36"
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