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Semeurs de Rêves


Born in the strings of the oud, this music borrows from its multiple traditions, and like it, defies borders and customs booths. It likes bouncing off a phrase from the luth baroque to an oud’s hypnotic motif, to pass from a soulful taqsim to a festive danse. It invites the percussion instruments, double-bass, and flutes of musicians who find their inspiration in cross-roads. This music, improvised from Lionel Romieu’s passions and compositions, contributes to the jazz of the Mediterranée and the Balkans, in a soft tangle of civilizations.

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01 Ugo AK III05' 32"
02 Il fait pourtant si chaud05' 54"
03 Let Lou 05' 34"
04 Poire acajou04' 44"
05 La traversée du fleue03' 32"
06 Les Semeurs de Rêves05' 54"
07 Ma reine de Saba06' 07"
08 Cocek Rom04' 40"
09 Dar Bellarj04' 20"
10 Jazztik05' 36"
11 Sungurlu06' 01"
12 Ombres et Lumières05' 56"
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