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SA.MOD Hot Sauce EP


"I wanted to write an EP with a certain lightness, second degree, while offering a wide range of flows and beats. The featurings present on this EP have been carefully chosen (DELUXE, BIG RED, TAIWAN MC, CHILL BUMP, ILLAMAN ...), above all because they are artists that I respect, and because they seem to me to be part of the best ! But above all because I have with each of them a strong complicity both professionally and personally, which in my opinion is indispensable in the process of creation.
There are many musical universes in this EP, from Hip Hop to Boom Bap through Trap, Bass music or Pop Rock ... The meaning of SA.MOD is secret, and I leave the freedom to all to guess what it means ... The idea of the HOT SAUCE EP came quite naturally .... I am a fan of everything that is spicy: the stronger it is, the more I like it! This EP is especially "Spicy" !! "

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