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Reggae Christmas


From France, live and direct from Kingston-sur-Cèze, Jayadeva is the Reggae-Soul. The original sound of Jamaica, and the power of American soul from the 60's are their sources and inspirations. The journey of Jayadeva begins in the country of Reggae, but Jazz and French songs also nourished their music. The band evolved through the rise of Bob Marley, Otis Redding and Ken Boothe. Gainsbourg and Nougaro are also influences of the band. Consisting of vocals, horns, keys and a rhythmic section, Jayadeva has what is needed and when it is needed they give it you! Thanks to this original mixture of sounds the band had the privilege of sharing stages with legends such as Clinton Fearon (The Gladiators), Horace Andy, Mad Professor, Biga Ranx, Midnite, Danakil, Ky-Mani Marley,...

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