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Numéro Zéro


Somewhere between neo-realistic french song and festive swing, with references to Georges Brassens and Django Reinhardt, the songs from this first album of Leute sketch up satirical society portraits, with a good dose of humor, carrying a universal message, sometimes sour, never aggressive…

«Whatever the subject matter, those who take the trouble to listen carefully to the words will be touched by the freshness and accuracy of the pen of Etienne [....]. Depending on the songs, we think about La Tordue, Les Ogres de Barback, Néry or Dominique A» Pirlouiiiit (Nouvelle Vague - June 2008)

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01 Dans l'air du temps04' 46"
02 Le funambule du sans-fil03' 35"
03 ça n'me dérange pas03' 09"
04 Julie Juillet04' 08"
05 Marcher04' 24"
06 Des mots l'essence04' 17"
07 Nathalie Baye d'ennui04' 18"
08 … dans mon pieu05' 34"
09 La lettre du marin perdu14' 52"
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