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La Marquise


With nearly 500 concerts on the clock , 3 CDs to his credit and openings by the dozen for concerts of Keane, Cabrel, Arthur H, Kent, Raoul Petite, Volo ..etc… La Marquise was quickly discovered by the most prestigious rock scenes / songs (Le Printemps de Bourges, Le Sentier des Halles, The Dock of the Southern Song Festival French Pays d'Aix, Avec le Temps...). Rhythmic rock and blues sounds, and guys concocting satirical and realistic song as chronicles of our " epic period". At the head of the combo LA Marquise: Daniel Ferrat, a former journalist, true-false son of Jean Ferrat (hence trauma identity only soluble in rock’n & roll). A leader in any field that defines himself as a "small independent producer,"as this song from the last 6 tracks maxi CD.
La Marquise will issue his new video-clip by the end of 2009.

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