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L'essentiel est invisible


The essential is invisible …
This new opus evokes a non-temporal dimension of Humanity: from the question of origins, possibilities, the higher realm, the philosophical, mystical, scientific quest for the meaning of Life, the focus is on spirituality.
Inspired by intimate experiences that cross each other in the heart of this collective creation space, Phosphene interrogates the immediate, plunges at the heart of the Being to eavesdrop on the echo of the Cosmos…
A hybrid creation, in direct lineage with Phosphenes’ creations: a transversal universe, electro-experimental-visual-rock, for a new trip….
The witnessing of a progression, a metamorphosis inscribed in the perpetual evolution taking place inside and all around us all.

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01 One03' 46"
02 Adn01' 09"
03 Two04' 50"
04 Three05' 54"
05 Four14' 07"
06 Five10' 07"
07 Five sharp04' 08"
08 Six04' 46"
09 Seven08' 34"
10 Dna02' 02"
11 Shooting stars08' 03"
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