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Le Douzième Chameau


NAIAS sets out to sea with their new album coming out in November 2014. Onboard is an elegent blend of raging folk-song, mediterranean sounds and underground rock. UNITED MUSIC OF NAIAS is a vibrant and musical opus to souls that thirst for freedom.
Since 2010, Naïas’ internationalist, genre-bending music emits the feverish atmosphere that characterizes port cities around the world. One where cultures and languages, dreams of elsewhere and hope come together. Naïas was sown with humanity and the soul of common people. Drawn to the light, this group flourishes in the Mediterranean sun.
Mandols, accordeon, bass and drums are woven together and waft fragrant sounds arriving from Northern Africa, Italy, Spain and Greece. Creating a unique musical canvas, Naias has freed itself of tradition and teems with diverse inspirations.
Lyrics in French, Occitan and Spanish bring the beauty of language to the forefront while the vocals breathe an energetic desire or ‘grinta’ that sways between socially conscious folk and acoustic rock tracks. NAIAS takes us roving melodically while fervently exploring new territories of Mediterranean song unhindered by borders. An intense trip that is moving and dance-worthy, this group’s passionate concerts take off!

Album mixed and mastered at La Bobine Studio - Grenoble (France)

National release: 13 November 2014

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