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La ville et le vent…


Mardjane accentuates her remarkable own world where sounds back up texts, and texts are moving through day life and poetic dreamings.
Enriched by traditions from here and there and opened at the same time to modern technologies, the tones are sometimes tense, sometimes stamped with generous and feminine forms.
Her inspiration is urban, a bit provocative, with a touch of melancholy, sensitive always.
Her first opus “La ville et le vent” will officially be released in October 2012.
Song writer, Composer, Singer Mardjane Chemirani
Arrangements, saz, percussios Bijan Chemirani
Cello Guillaume Saurel
Machines Jérémy Perrouin

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01 Cette foule02' 39"
02 Il décide02' 00"
03 La ville et le vent…03' 33"
04 Nuits déchirées03' 11"
05 Tes mains01' 25"
06 J'utilise04' 28"
07 Larmes sucrées04' 48"
08 Beauté glacée04' 02"
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