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La mer au loin


Palomar Trio took its name and inspiration from Italo Calvino's novel Palomar.
Calvino's character, Mr Palomar, once decides to observe the world and pay attention to all his surroundings, confident that the most trivial thing may lead to inner awareness.
In « La mer au loin », Palomar Trio adopts Mr Palomar's rigour and fantasy. Palomar Trio plays as Mr Palomar watches and thinks.
Daniel Malavergne (tuba), Frédéric Cavallin (drums), Patrick Vaillant (electric mandolin) create a sun-drenched sound-track, with humour and skill. The music is full of echoes of a brass-band, serenades or improvisation.

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01 Vai Pilòta02' 51"
02 Sur le pavé la lune06' 04"
03 Vista06' 31"
04 Les danses minuscules04' 24"
05 Addio Morentin04' 47"
06 Au bout le ré03' 50"
07 La antena03' 56"
08 Sardoid radio05' 38"
09 Aller loin06' 16"
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