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Orchestral Pop, Lo-Fi Folk, Indie Rock, 8-Bit Electronic Music : how should Benjamin Fincher's music be defined without burdening it with hazy clichés ? And just who may be his musical siblings or relatives anyway ? James Blake, Metronomy, Patrick Watson ?... Obviously so, although they're hardly the only ones.

A multi instrumentalist who composes and records at home, Benjamin Fincher chisels and polishes his jewel-like songs, with each note being minutely assembled and carefully wrought into the very bone structure of his songs.
It seems he only means to keep nurturing and feeding his own peculiar sensitivity, which gives every listener the odd impression that he - Fincher - is the one who has decided what the weather is going to be like today.

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01 We always run01' 52"
02 Go Outside03' 45"
03 Long Distance03' 17"
04 I wish I had a lower Voice03' 34"
05 Wide eyed06' 20"
06 Paper Play03' 39"
07 Good Thinks Come in Ones03' 06"
08 Kamishibai02' 40"
09 A Storm05' 42"
10 Benshi03' 01"
11 Violet Hour06' 25"
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