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J'aime les belges


In September, 2011, La Marquise will make two major changes. First,
Daniel Ferrat and the management (Music'o'Fil) want to position the
group much better in the song market, which will bring about a second
change, in the music arrangement: The bassist will play contrabass and
the drummer Integrate(Join) more and more percussion. A more acoustic Marchioness who decides to occur in trio by putting the voices(votes) and the texts forward. But in also in quartet with the arrival of a saxophonist / harmonica player. The CD " I like Belgians " which(who) goes out this year there appears from then on as a CD of transition. An opus which(who) indeed present titles(securities) where the electric guitar is still very present. The former(ancient) songs of The Marchioness (The Lady of the Divan) new version, quite new titles(securities) as Cyber planet or still occasions " wipe Marchioness " - the Penitentiary, My Kid - which are a speciality of the group. One cocktails(cocktail parties) finally very marquisien with as key title this wrongly light song " I love the Belgians " where to push the mockery up to the end the characters do not hesitate "to commit" a remix version on a disco arrangement. Those who thought that with the maturity The Marchioness could quieten down will be for their cool there!

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01 J'aime les belges04' 40"
02 Le pénitencier04' 38"
03 Le Petit train03' 54"
04 La dame du divan04' 13"
05 Cyber planète04' 41"
06 Ma môme05' 39"
07 J'aime les Belges Remix05' 58"
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