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Issue de Secours


Above all the band takes its energy from the stage, field which seems to be a part of it, where each member express himself in its own particular way and give you its explosive mix of humor and rage!
Inspired by Ska, Dub and Rock with a pinch of traditional music: a great party time for your eardrum!
Ciao Tympans it is also dozens of concerts and festivals in the south-east of France. On the road the share the top line of the poster with some famous artists like: La Ruda, Mon Côté Punk, Junior Cony, PKRK, Daïpivo, SpakR, Walter, Kwal…
A training which wishes entertaining audiences from different horizons…

Pushed by the desire to keep its music alive, the band gladly gives you its new CD “Issue de Secours” (“Fire Escape”) recorded and mastered at Studio Muvida in partnership with the Café Provisoire/MJC of Manosque and Le Kfé Quoi of Villeneuve. (04, South-East of France)

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01 Hercule Poivrot06' 07"
02 Loco03' 21"
03 Pas de Paranoia04' 20"
04 Le Clown04' 43"
05 Rien n'est Gai04' 32"
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