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Il sole non si muove


With the new creation Il sole non si muove, the Cie Rassegna focuses on the spreading of profane songs in the 16th century. With this production, the kaval flute, the Arabic lute, the guitar — be it baroque or electric — call out to the viola da gamba to support the vocal side of the company. The program features pieces from repertoires of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian songs (frottole), Hawzi chants (a genre originating from Tlemcen, Algeria, in the C16th), together with Turkish and Armenian songs distinctive of the period.
Yet this Mediterranean repertoire also incorporates another body of songs and setting: Elizabethan Ayres by Dowland and Hume, extracts from « The Cryes of London » intersperse the concert. Taken together, they remind us that this era was more a time of flows and exchanges than one of fixed territorial boundaries. European before its time, musicians of the Renaissance were constant travellers, blending sounds and influences, both actors and vectors in a world that was never still. An opportunity for improvisation and creativity to shine through, these melodies coming from north and south of the Mediterranean cast a novel view on this vast and fascinating area.

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01 Non val aqua
02 Flow my tears
03 Ode sur la misère et la pauvreté
04 Come again #1
05 La doncella guerrera
06 Não tragais/ Kopanitsa
07 The three ravens
08 Salouni
09 Come again #2
10 A pollish vilanell
11 Vale diva, vale in pace
12 Mom bar
13 Come again #3
14 Dos estrellas le siguen
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