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Heavy This Year


For his first solo project , Taiwan MC has called many producers : Chinese Man , SOAP, INCH, in charge of creating custom instrumental
reflecting the richness of his universe.

On " Gunshot Again" , we find the flavor of reggae - hip hop from the 90s :vintage organs, dusty samples , hard battery hits , all the ingredients gathered to delight old school fans.
No time to catch his breath for the listener who finds himself driven to " Nuska " in a supercharged track using as much dubstep as electro and ska . Along Malian singer AbbbA Mc, this title not leave any chance to the audience but to get caught up in the dance! The Chinese Man produce the title track of this mini- album, "Heavy This Year ", which reminds the biggest hours of Jamaican digital sound. Big bass , rub a dub style , the sound system should resonate a long time on this unstoppable sound!

On " Mojo Rydim ", Biga Ranx joinsTaiwan MC for a track in the purest ragamuffin tradition , a top duel where the two MCs display their respective talents! Cyph4 , from San Francisco lands on " Even If I'm Wrong " , a piece of pure hip hop produced by INCH, powerful and melancholic at the same time tailored for both MC competing with technical and accuracy on the catchy chorus track .
Finally, Taiwan MC invites a regular Chinese Man Records guest, Mc Plex Rock from Oakland , known for his participation in Chinese Man’s "Get Up"... He gives free rein to his talent and his madness on the track " Roll It Up " produced by SOAP. Unclassifiable hybrid taking from rap , dancehall and drum and bass where mc's literally burn up the version. If the title is crazy, the video clip will will be even more...

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