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Gigi de Nissa


Using images from daily life, taking swipes at the local political scene, describing his daily life, brocading Niçois bigwigs, Gigi’s songs are written either in Occitan or French, depending on their content, and, taken as a whole, build a tableau of his story as a denizen of Far East Occitania.

For this album, Gigi de Nissa wanted to work with other contemporary musicians (Moussu T, Sauvaigo) with whom he has always had a very close affinity, either for their musical choices or views on social or political issues, but also on the repertoire of local traditional songs (Joan Nicola, Charles Millo) and his own compositions. This is like a homage to these composers of popular music and to an oral tradition that perpetuates the desire to promote humanity, conviviality and freedom.

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