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Get Out And Live


In five tracks, Martin Mey presents a summary of his musical universe and suggests, through a permanent tension, the heart-rending energy he burns off on stage. Arrangements have been voluntarily restricted to remain in a live spirit, all we can hear on the disk can be recreated live with loops or machines. But the performance (on Snowing on School Days for example, all the melodies, bass and vocals were recorded with his voice by Martin) disappears behind the poetry of the songs. From a carefree childhood to tearings of life, from our sweet dreams to the torture of the mind ... Rocked by the haunting melodies that echoes in our soul, we travel within ourselves and with him. If you're ready to get carried away, listening to Get Out And Live cannot leave you indifferent.

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01 Running Child03' 05"
02 Snowing on School Days04' 51"
03 Stuck in the Box05' 32"
04 Late Night05' 40"
05 Live05' 03"
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