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Folie Douce


Zine is an original song-writer and singer... Melting the electro, the drum, the trip hop... All these elements boosted by a touching Gypsy tone. Sometime sexy and sometime innocent... Superb ! (Featuring Les Arbres Qui Marchent).
Zine is an artist from the south east of France, in PACA ( Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur).
She makes us discover her “ imaginary world” coated in Benoît SEYRAT' s music. Benoît SEYRAT alias LAQM ( Les Arbres Qui Marchent) ( Walking Trees) is a modern music composer from Nice.

Style : “songs of the world” mixing poetry, folk, reggae ,ballad, experimental , psychedelic punk and spoken words, “cinematographic songs“

Musicians taking part to the music sound -track of the Zine's 14 songs :
Zine ( singing in French, Occitan, Arabic and English, guitar, concertina, sound effects) ; Benoît SEYRAT alias LAQM ( vocals, bass, keyboards, computer); Tarik LAMIRAT ( Arabic vocals) ;
Greg LAMPIS ( guitar ) ; Cedric LAUER ( trumpet); Yann ROALDES (saxo) ; Diego ATTAL DOS SANTOS ( violin); Benoit BERROU ( vocals, guitar, bouzouki , ukelele) ; Magali DAMIANO ( traditional concertina) ; Aurelia CASASSA ( tap dance) ; PACO (percussion) ; TOF ( guitar) ;
MERAKHAAZAN ( drums samples); Luc CANAVESIO alias'” The Quincailler” ( concertina samples); Maxime DORMOY (drum samples), Lucille SAFIN (clarinet), Chris PENZINI ( guitar) BARJ (rhythmic electro samples).

Album covering: illustrations by Emilie CAMATTE,
Graphic designer : Julien BARJ

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