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Born in the Comoro Islands and landed in Marseille when he was a child, Ahamada Smis invites us in a musical journey between urban poetry and world music. On his album “Etre” (“Be”) arabian melodies, soihili songs and african rythmes meet with slamed, rapped, whispered french lyrics. With an open spirit, Ahamada Smis listens to all winds of creation, perpetuating oral traditions from his native Comoro Islands and feeding himself with the energy of rap music.

From France, Ahamada Smis has collaborated with artists such as Pierre-Laurent Bertolino, David Walters, Miquéu Montanaro, Sibonguile Mbambo, Christophe Isselée, Cyril Benhamou...From Congo-Kinshasa to the Comoro Islands, where he shared various artistic experiences during his journey, he has recorded songs with the Staff Benda Bilili, the comorian rappeur Cheikh MC or the twarab singer Soultoine.....

Nourished by these various collaborations, Ahamada Smis has created the acoustic mosaic of his album Etre” (“Be”)

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01 Être04' 47"
02 Instinct de survie (feat. David Walters)04' 52"
03 Kinshasa (feat. Bawuta Kin et Deborah)03' 21"
04 Comores03' 24"
05 Femmes 1 (feat. Sibongile Mbambo) Interlude02' 08"
06 Kids04' 30"
07 Gouttes d'eau03' 53"
08 Ma vie un jazz05' 44"
09 Femmes 2 (feat. Sibongile Mbambo) Interlude01' 30"
10 Vivre (feat. Isiah Shaka)03' 37"
11 Massiwa (feat. Cheikh Mc)04' 35"
12 Hama beigné (feat. Soultoine) 05' 30"
13 Femmes 3 (feat. Sibongile Mbambo)02' 39"
14 Africa06' 07"
15 Voyages03' 52"
16 Racines (feat. Staff Benda Bilili)04' 23"
17 Slam, hip-hop, musiques du monde02' 30"
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