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Dog n' Wolf


Nasser Ben Dadoo brings us the very essence of living and exploratory Blues. He takes us on a voyage from the Mississipi Basin to the doors of Memphis and the electric Blues of the clubs of Chicago. His inspired music, full of groove and swing, rythmic breaks and frequent improvisation, is played with the sincerity and jubilation of his love of the Blues. The group’s singularity comes from their use of the Blues as an antidote to the gloom of the life that surrounds us.
Hat Man Session are currently touring with a new album entitled ‘Dog n’Wolf’,
full of inventive compositions and arrangements of standards, coupled with their
atypical presentation which has created the enthusiasm of the public.

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01 I was born into the blues04' 39"
02 King Cotton04' 03"
03 It's Hurts me too02' 55"
04 Pony Blues04' 30"
05 Feel like a Gipsy03' 58"
06 I can't be satisfied04' 36"
07 Hello Josephine03' 21"
08 Don't Need no Doctor04' 14"
09 Snake and Poison02' 34"
10 Trouble in Mind02' 03"
11 Wiskey and Wommin03' 34"
12 Dog n' Wolf02' 50"
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