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In 2016, Ba CISSOKO is back with his new album " Djéli " drawing from a mature energy, fed by the indestructible motivation to modernize the mandingue tradition in order to broadcast it better, trangress it to really honor it.
The reinvented tradition is always at the heart of his creation, like the track " Djélia”, the eponymous title of the album, in which the mandingue music meets the afro-beat sounds as well as in the tracks "N' Fasso " and "Teme" which reveal reggae tunes.
Ba reveals new sides of his talent. Multi-instrumentalist, he plays kora (of course), but also N’goni - a stringed instrument commonly used in Western Africa – and the guitar.
He also asserts the strength of his singing and the originality of his voice’s timbre. "Djougouya", a vocal track with the guitar, is a perfect example. Alternating singing in Malinke, Wolof and Poulaar, Basings also in French, for the first time of his career, some songs’ verses, like "C’est pas facile”, to catch a new audience.
From this same song, committed lyrics speak of migrations amongst Africa and Europe, about the difficulty of finding his place on these two continents. He also evokes the earth of his ancestors and his traditions in the song " Not fasso ".
Surrounded by his most faithful musicians, Ba Cissoko acheived the most certainly accomplished album of his career : true, filled with harmonies, interbreeding and a fusion of rhythms - showingindisputably his artistic interest and his international musical legacy.
This 5th album celebrates the 20 year collaboration between Ba Cissoko and Nuits Métis. 20 years of artistic creations, management and albums production. An indestructible friendship which highlights a common passion for the music !

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