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If we are to believe their name, the music of Deltas is following the wave of a current well-defined and flows into a much larger sea . And it is true that their folk- that was quick to label Mandingo by the presence of a - kora can not ultimately be reduced to a simple reading of the music of West Africa . Both men Deltas (Richard Executioner Lo'Jo violin and kora , Vincent Erdeven Zenzile guitars ) have traveled a lot and their first disc plane gracefully over the oceans to reconcile a string vibration China and the Maghreb, West Africa and Mississippi. Like the Normand Yann Tambour aka Stranded Horse , Deltas invent African music outside Africa and lorgant to an original blues , like Ry Cooder wrote the soundtrack of a global road movie . Without other inputs their ropes , Deltas therefore sculpt sound and film vignettes, minimalist enough to easily creep into the imagination of the listener. The inner journey is exotic, sometimes surprising , often moving. Better than any argument , listen to the wonders that are " On Earth ", " Ligerian Blues " or " Slidemix " and you will also light. The seven titles , signed on the label Kazamix Records, will be available on CD , digitally or scattered over several 45 - t limited edition . Dive !

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01 Tunka04' 21"
02 Ligerian Blues (feat Andra Kouyate)04' 00"
03 Sur la terre03' 08"
04 Ligerian Journey04' 35"
05 Mekong song (feat Andra Kouyate)02' 58"
06 Niagami05' 42"
07 Slidemix05' 26"
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