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Daniel EP


Pending the upcoming album scheduled for September, the first 12’ of the sweet name of DANIEL is in charge to make your mouth water! Deluxe proposes you to discover, from the May 13, 2013, the first three songs from the album and, as a bonus, a replay of one of his pieces by Chinese Man, a family remix, symbol of the vitality of the label
Chinese Man Records! Daniel, once again, from the name of the first supercharged piece of the disc, a wild ride on which MC Youthstar joined the group for a track that exudes energy from live shows and the madness of the last tour group! On Bleed on, there is the incredible funky feeling that had delighted fans of their first EP, catchy melodies, 70's horns and unstoppable sense of groov. Reflecting the diversity announced on the album , the last extract from the EP, Pretty Flaws, surprises the listener with its melancholy mood and emotional burden that comes out, symbol of the will shown by the band to continue its experimentation of sounds and styles.

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01 Deluxe, Mc Youthstar - Daniel03' 21"
02 Bleed On03' 20"
03 Pretty Flaws04' 24"
04 Deluxe, Chinese Man - Pretty Flaws Remix04' 29"
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