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Transmutation of a breath by Laurent Aubert
Seemingly humble and rustic, a simple tube with a few holes in it, the kaval is not for all that an easy instrument to play; mastering its finest subtleties requires the grace and force of persuasion of a true artist. These qualities are here to serve a kaleidoscopic inspiration, continuously renewed as each piece is told, like the beads of a rosary, along this album of a thousand Easts.
Inspired by the sources of her instrument in Turkey and the Balkans particularly, Isabelle Courroy believes in the dazzle of improvisation, where most of her repertoire originates. Between solitary meditations and moments of symbiotic complicity, the aeolian breaths of her kaval turn your soul upside down to better draw you into their dizzying plumes.

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01 Kotsifas04' 08"
02 Ange et Dragon03' 59"
03 Kalduk06' 42"
04 Aïda09' 09"
05 Octopus06' 11"
06 Safineh06' 45"
07 Pulsar04' 39"
08 Jasmine10' 17"
09 TchernoKara05' 46"
10 Keybus05' 48"
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