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Compilation Phonopaca 2012


Digital compilation, free download during 3 months and full listening.

Phonopaca, group of musical industry actors in Provence Alpes Cote d'azur France, is happy to offer you this compilation which is a selection of 24 songs out of our labels 2011/2012 productions. To discover more about these labels, these artists , these albums, click directly on the names in pink

Manivette records 1 Moussu T e lei Jovents Lo Dintre - Extract from the LP Empêche-nous! - Release March 2012
IOT Record 2 Under Kontrol Freeze ! - Extract from the LP 1
Bi-Pole 3 Mike Ladd Bombs Anthem - Extract from the LP Bedford Park
Mali Kadi 4 Ilanga Africa - Extract from the EP Ilanga
Greenwell 5 Ok Bonnie EKG - Extract from the EP Décalage Ordinaire - Release March 2012
Découvertes Printemps de Bourges 2012 6 Hyphen Hyphen Wild Patterns - Extract from the EP Wild Union - Release May 2012
InternExtrene 7 Nevchehirlian Marche ou Crève - Extract from the LP Le Soleil brille pour tout le monde ?
Roker Promocion 8 Massilia Sound System Laissar nos passar - Extract from the LP Live e Libertat
MCE Productions 9 Zaman Fabriq Makedonski Tantsi - Extract from the LP Zaman Fabriq
Black Castle Music 10 Timek Toi Jeune - Extract from the LP Il Etait Une Fois
Patch Work Production 11 Soul Sindikate & Dub Trooper Somewhere Waitin' - Extract from the LP Noumea Kingston - Release April 2012
Joke and Buzz 12 Oslo Swan Last Dream - Extract from the LP For the Best - Release summer 2012
Chinese Man Records 13 Deluxe Mr Chicken - Extract from the LP Polishing Peanuts
Nuits Métis 14 NaIas Mariposas de Noche - Extract from the EP United Chapacan
Compagnie Nine Spirit 15 Manuchello Origenes - Extract from the LP Sonora
Pro-Fusion Multi-Cultures 16 Mardjane Chemirani Cette foule - Extract from the LP Larmes sucrées - Release June 2012
La Buissonne 17 Vincent Courtois Skins - Extract from the LP L'Imprévu
La Plage sonore 18 Mysterlô Rhodes Black - Extract from the LP Kaleidoscope - Release May 2012
Medside 19 Killtronik All your love - Extract from the EP Paris la Nuit - Release March 2012
T-S-P (Tom Sound Production) 20 Eve et Tom Let Me Play (Duo Mix - Short Edit) - Extract from the EP Let me Play
Drunk Souls Evenements 21 Drunksouls Drifter Song - Extract from the LP Revolution
Division Aléatoire 22 Markovo Uncle U Supa tricks - Extract from the LP Hot Saudade Clup Lp/a>
La Boîte à  Musique 23 Ahmad Compaore The Majestic Dancer - Extract from the LP Trio Compaore
Nuits Métis 24 Ba Cissoko Nimissa - Extract from the LP Nimissa

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