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On this album, ‘Artémis’, which is their fifth, the influence of blues music stands out more than ever, whether it’s in terms of the subjects the songs deal with or in terms of their structure. This never descends into a purely pedantic style, but instead calls on modal forms and open tuning, which is very common in blues music (particularly in the work of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones). Moussu T e lei Jovents find their inspiration in many different sources, from Brazilian compositions to Floyd-style pop forms which are borderline progressive, but they never leave the chanson style behind. The prominence of the acoustic guitar on this album gives it a less electric feel than 'Putan de cançon’, their previous work, although it’s still definitely rock music!
There are more songs than ever in Occitan here, since it's when they work in this language that the group feels the most independent. As in the past, they use a clever mix of light-heartedness and nostalgia, rebellion and powerful hints of poetry, always without the slightest ostentation. This time, it's the goddess Artémis who serves as Moussu T e lei Jovents’ muse. Artémis, the goddess of Phocaea and the guardian angel of Marseilles. She is both a symbol of the struggle for change and against exploitation, and the immutable image of motherhood and the sweetness of home life: an ambivalent sentiment which keeps cropping up in the group's work as each song goes by.

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01 Embarcatz !03' 49"
02 Mistral04' 56"
03 Artemis02' 58"
04 Tout mon temps03' 25"
05 Occitanie sur mer03' 35"
06 Sur ma serviette02' 11"
07 Tentacules02' 04"
08 Lei rainards03' 35"
09 Le bateau03' 02"
10 Te'n vas de matin02' 59"
11 Mon drapeau rouge03' 53"
12 Fada republicana02' 05"
13 Monte vas canconeta ?04' 04"
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